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Olympus Camera Cases

You may never want to put your Olympus filmless digital camera away. But when you have to, put it in a case that’s as attractive and useful as your camera—an Olympus case. Our durable and attractive cases are functional and custom-designed specifically for our award-winning filmless digital cameras. They also feature pockets to hold items like extra, reusable SmartMedia™ cards, four AA batteries, and a remote control.

Action Bag for SLR/EVF
High-quality ballistic nylon case. Roomy storage pockets to hold all of your camera gear. Includes belt loop.

Digital Camera Gadget Bag
Sturdy nylon bag holds your digital camera and a host of accessories -- removable compartment dividers to customize your storage.

Gadget Bag for C-211Z DP
High-quality construction. Case with shoulder strap has storage for batteries and film.

Gadget Bag for P-200
Sturdy vinyl carrying case holds the P-200 printer, AC adapter, optional Ni-MH battery, and supplies.

Leather Case / C-Series
With cameras as attractive as the C-Series, you need a case that’s just as stylish. Besides looking good, our attractive, genuine leather carrying case features an exterior pocket for four AA batteries, and two internal pockets for packing two additional SmartMedia™ cards, and remote control.

PT-002 Maintenance Kit
Keep your PT-002 protective case functioning properly. Maintenance kit includes silicone grease, silica gel and an O Ring.

PT-002 Underwater/Protective Case
The Olympus Protective Case is designed to allow you to use your digital camera in harsh environments. The PT-002 is compatible with Olympus D-220L,D-320L,D-340L&R and D-360L digital camera models. The PT-002 Protective Case allows your Olympus Camera to go places that were difficult or impossible before now! Skiing, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Harsh Industrial Environments or maybe just a trip to the beach, these are just a few applications that are possible.

Soft case (ballistic nylon) C-700UZ
Custom designed case of ballistic nylon includes belt loop and shoulder strap. Sturdy construction protects your camera. Includes storage for batteries and SmartMedia.

Soft Case (leather) Brio
Custom designed stylish leather case for the Brio Series. Includes belt loop and cut-out for camera strap. Inner storage pocket for batteries and SmartMedia.

Soft Case (leather) D-40Z
Custom designed leather case with belt loop and cut-out for camera strap, SmartMedia and battery storage compartments.

Soft Case (vinyl) (D-220L/D-320L/D-340L/D-340R)
Designed for the D-220L, D-320L, D-340L, and D-340R, this attractive, durable soft vinyl case features two inner pockets that protect a pair of SmartMedia™ cards and an outer pocket that holds four AA batteries.

Soft Case (Vinyl) D370/D-510Z
Custom designed vinyl case with belt loop cutout for strap, SmartMedia and battery storage compartments.

Soft Case (Vinyl) for E-10/E-20N with Battery Grip Attached
Custom-designed vinyl case holds the E-10 or E-20N with the Li-Po Battery Grip attached.



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